For years we've wafted through thrift shops looking for the coolest imagery of the past. It isn't that we aren't fond of the things we see around us now. No! It is that everything seems of the moment. Songs with references to social media platforms no longer in existence. Shirts with microwave quotes that were once knee- slappers, now irrelevant. With backgrounds in all forms of entertainment, we've always created what we wanted to hear, watch, see [for those reasons alone]. Now, we make what we want to wear.

No "Men's Collection". No "Women's Collection". That would go against our principles. We want to wear what we want to wear, and we want you to do the same. Your birth certificate might say "MALE", but you may slay in a dress. We love it. Your High School yearbook may show you as head cheerleader or prom queen. Maybe now you've traded in your pom- poms for oversized graphic tees and piercings. Good for you! Free yourself. Be yourself.

As we continue to grow, we will do our best to keep you wrapped in something that is you as you see yourself. We won't be perfect. We don't expect you to be perfect. But we will have your back while you strive. Will you have ours? We are Beau Novo.


PS: All items are made upon order. It may add a few days to delivery, but we don't want your gear collecting dust until you claim it.